Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hello World!

Seven Steps here. I love my family, movies that make me laugh so hard that I shoot milk out of my nose, ice cream in all of its glorious forms, beaches in the summer, and anything Disney. Welcome to my fun, weird world full of hope, rainbows, sprinkles, and love.

I write clean, adult and young adult romance novels and short stories. What is romance you may ask? Well, clean means that there is no sex or swearing. Heart to heart, hand to hand, and cheek to cheek.

I am based in New Haven, Connecticut. What do we do in New Haven, Connecticut? Basically, we walk around Yale College and we travel to New York. That's about it. Fun fun!

I have an awesome husband who makes sure that my cell phone is charged, a beautiful daughter who inspires me to keep my youth, and a cat named Rosie who is training for the Olympics. Or, at least I think so. She runs sprints through my living room and kitchen at two o'clock in the morning. Every morning. I love her to pieces, but I'd better see a gold medal come through these doors soon, or else no more cat treats for her.

I look forward to catching up with each and every one of you. Where are you from? What fun things do you do? Is your pet going to be in the Olympics?

Tell me more!

With love,

Seven Steps