Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bella and the Beast Snippet

It's snippet time! Please enjoy this unedited snippet from my upcoming YA Romance, Bella and the Beast:

“That was quite a performance.”

I turned around to see Cole casually leaning on the weight room wall. My mouth dropped open in shock at the Adonis that stood before me. His jet black hair was thrown up into a messy man bun and his wide chest bulged beneath his sleeveless shirt. I had to admit, he was handsome without his ever present hooded, black sweatshirt. No, not handsome. Drool worthy. I couldn’t keep my eyes from roaming over his amazing body. Why did he keep himself hidden away beneath unflattering clothes? Why didn’t he show off like the other boys?

He walked towards me, stopping only a foot away. He was close. Too close.

Electric goosebumps of delight broke out over my arms and shoulders as his eyes settled on mine. My stomach felt like I had swallowed a thousand panicked butterflies. My heart beat double time, filling me with nervous energy. I sucked in a breath at his nearness, picking up his scent in the process. He was slightly sweaty, but he didn’t smell like a locker room. It was more like man musk and Old Spice. It smelled… good. Not freshly showered good, but still nice. Slightly intoxicating. I swallowed to stop myself from taking a long sniff. What was it about Cole Castle that was so intriguing? Why did he make me feel so anxious and fidgety?

He raised an eyebrow and, to my horror, I realized that I hadn’t answered his question. I was just standing there, staring at his man bun and muscles like an idiot.

I’m sure that my cheeks turned apple red.

To my surprise, his long lashes shaded his eyes and he blushed.

My heart went from double speed to triple.

Great. He noticed me gawking. Now he thinks that I’m some weird girl who just leers at people. Just perfect.

Angry and embarrassed, I glared at him and crossed my arms across my chest.

 “What performance?” I demanded.

 “You know,” he leaned in and his voice dropped low. I tried to keep my breathing steady. “The one where you lied and said that Tommy was your boyfriend.” His eyes rose to meet mine. They were full of accusation and, worse, disappointment.

My chest constricted in alarm. Had Cole heard Tommy and I in the hallway? No. It was impossible. Tommy had closed the door tight. Whatever Cole thought he knew was unsubstantiated. Conjecture. A crackpot theory. He couldn’t prove a thing.

I scowled darkly at him. I would not allow Cole to stand in judgment of me. Not even with his rippling muscles or gorgeous hair. And especially not with his eyes that saw entirely too much.