Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West

Book Review - The Fill In Boyfriend by Kasie West

Gia is trying to convince her friends that her college boyfriend is real. Too bad he dumps her in the parking lot before the big moment. But Gia is not one to be outdone. She falls back to plan B: Pick up a random boy in the parking lot.
I really loved this book. After I read P.S I Love You, this was my next stop on the Kasie West train. I was not disappointed. This author is amazing at keeping simple stories interesting. An excellent example of this is the fact that we don’t even know one of the main characters names until several chapters in. I won’t lie. I may have dramatically screamed a time or two in frustration.
Gia was super relatable. I felt for her and her struggles. It was like Pinocchio. She went from this wooden, fake people pleaser to a real girl with real feelings. After reading this book, I may have to buy a car to throw rocks at. It seems like a great stress reliever.  
I loved the supporting cast. The fill in boyfriend’s little sister (I won’t spoil the fun by revealing his name), was dark and dramatic and perfect. You’ll also love the villain in this book. She’s a J.E.R.K. Like a super jerk! Like, OMG I want to throw something at her. Maybe a rock? Hmmm…
There is a really cool FIREFLY reference so keep an eye out for it.
I completely vibed with his book. It was like a perfectly made cup of coffee. So satisfying.

Five stars! 

When Gia Montgomery's boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her in the parking lot of her high school prom, she decides to do the unthinkable…convince the cute guy waiting to pick up his sister to pretend to be her boyfriend for the night. The task is simple: two hours, zero commitment, a few white lies.
The problem is that days after prom, she can't stop thinking about her fill-in boyfriend. But can Gia turn her fake boyfriend into a real one without exposing her lie and possibly destroying her friendships and her newfound relationship?
Smartly observed and wonderfully romantic, Kasie West's talent shines in this tale of one girl's unexpected quest to find love…and possibly herself.