Sunday, August 20, 2017

Character Interview - Bella French from The Boyfriend Agreement

Looking for a YA Romance with a touch of Disney magic? Then The Boyfriend Agreement is the book for you.

Character Interview

Bella French from The Boyfriend Agreement

St. Mary's Academy Book 1

Age 16
Favorite color – Red
Least favorite color – Pink
Hobbies – Reading, singing, taking care of stray animals, Jake Winsted
Celebrity Twin – Zendaya

1 Minute with Bella French

Seven Steps – Hello Bella, and thank you for joining us today. As you know, we only have one minute for this interview. Let’s get right to it. Tell us about Mojo.

Bella – Mojo is my dog. I found him in a dirty box near my apartment. Can you believe that some idiot left him there to die? Seriously, I hope whoever did it gets exactly what they deserve! But, anyway, I found Mojo and I pretty much adopted him. My dad was upset about it, but it was the right thing to do, and daddy eventually got over it, so everything worked out.

Seven Steps – What impelled you to adopt Mojo?
Bella – My mom. When she was alive, she loved animals. Our house was literally like an animal hospital. There were dogs and cats and rabbits and horses running around everywhere. At one point, we had, like, three snakes living in the guest bathroom, which is literally my worst nightmare because I hate snakes.
Seven Steps – Snakes in the bathroom?
Bella – Yeah. I definitely freaked out over it. The weird thing was, even though I was afraid of them, I knew they had a right to be there. They were squirmy and slimy and terrifying, but they were hurt, and mom helped them. It taught me an important lesson: help those who can’t help themselves.
Seven Steps – Even snakes?
Bella – Even snakes.

Seven Steps - That’s a great lesson. So, we’re half way through our minute. Next question. Tell us about the Winsted family.

Bella – What do you want to know?

Seven Steps – What do you think of them?
Bella – Well, they’re triplets. There's Regina. She's okay I guess. I’ve never really spoken to her. Then there’s Cole, who is a Grade A jerk who constantly harasses me and makes fun of me every chance he gets. Like, literally, he thinks he’s so smart just because his GPA is half a point higher than mine. Whatever, I don’t want to talk about Cole. Jake is the last brother. He’s perfect. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect smile. He’s amazing. I hope that one day he thinks I’m amazing too.

Seven Steps – You sound like you have a crush?

Bella – Crush. Obsession. Love sickness. Infatuation. Whatever the synonyms are, I have them.

Seven Steps – I can see that. Last question. Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
Bella – Belle, obviously. I love to read, I sing, and I have to live with a beast, a.k.a Cole. Can you believe he actually calls himself that? He goes around screaming that he’s an academic beast? It’s disturbing.

Seven Steps – Well, our minute is up but it sounds to me like you have some issues to resolve with this Cole person.

Bella – No, Jake. I have unresolved issues with Jake.

Seven Steps – Whatever. Tune in next time when we interview Jake Winsted-

Bella – Jake’s going to be here?

Seven Steps – He’s actually in the back.

Bella – Oh my god, I can’t breathe.

Seven Steps – Like I said. Tune in tomorrow for another 1 minutes interview. This is Seven Steps saying, take care of yourself and each other.