Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Character Interview - Cole Winsted from The Boyfriend Agreement

Looking for a YA Romance with a touch of Disney magic? Then The Boyfriend Agreement is the book for you.

Character Interview

Cole Winsted from The Boyfriend Agreement

St. Mary's Academy Book 1

Cole Winsted
Age 16
Favorite color – Black
Least favorite color – Pink
Hobbies – Reading, Academia, Travel, Sports, Music, Movies, Gaming
Celebrity Twin – Grant Gustin

1 Minute with Cole Winsted

Seven Steps – Hello Cole. Thanks for joining us.

Cole – Hey.

Seven Steps -  As you know, we only have one minute for this interview so let’s get started. You presently hold the highest GPA in your school. Tell us how you accomplished that.

Cole – I study hard. Plain and simple.

Seven Steps – That’s a very, as you said, simple answer.

Cole -  I guess I would say that I’m naturally inclined towards academics. My mom was a music teacher back in France, so I grew up around classical music and language and art. That really helped me. Plus, there’s something to be said about having the right people to push you, and luckily I have that in my life.

Seven Steps – What do you mean?

Cole – At St. Mary’s Academy, academics is sort of like a sport. It’s competitive. People are always trying to outdo you. There are several people who I know challenge me academically, and I appreciate the extra push. It helps me do my best.

Seven Steps – We all can use a little extra push sometimes. Tell us more about your musical background.

Cole – Well, right now I’m in a cover band. It’s cool because we don’t play one genre or era. We go from jazz to rock to punk to R&B. It’s a little bit of everything.

Seven Steps – Any plans to transition into the spotlight?

Cole – Maybe in the future. Way after high school and college. Right now, we’re just messing around, playing some gigs here and there, and trying to figure out who we are as musicians. We’re a work in progress but we’re coming along.

Seven Steps – Last question. What is your relationship with Bella French?

Cole – She’s a good girl. Smart. Funny. I hope… I hope that one day she recognizes the potential that she has and runs with it. If she figures out how great she is, no one can ever stop her.

Seven Steps – Beautiful. Well, Cole, you are our last interview of the week. Any final words?

Cole – Be yourself. Yourself is awesome.

Seven Steps – And on that note, this is Seven Steps saying, take care of yourself and each other.