Monday, August 21, 2017

Character Interview - Jake Winsted from The Boyfriend Agreement

Looking for a YA Romance with a touch of Disney magic? Then The Boyfriend Agreement is the book for you.

Character Interview

Jake Winsted from The Boyfriend Agreement

St. Mary's Academy Book 1

Jake Winsted
Age - 16
Favorite color – Salmon
Least favorite color – Black
Hobbies – Football, Cars, Travel, Girls
Celebrity Twin – Mike “The Miz” Mizanin

1 Minute with Jake Winsted

Seven Steps – Hello Jake. Thanks for joining us today.

Jake – Good to be here.

Seven Steps – As you know we only have one minute for this interview so let's get started. You have been called the king of St. Mary's Academy, alluding to your social status. What are your views on popularity?

Jake – I have always said that anyone can be popular as long as they work at it. If you’re a guy it means getting in the gym, being on some sort of a team, and, of course, having the right car. If you’re a girl it means being hot and having the right look. It's like a business, you know? I come from a business family, and we always say that branding is everything. With the right brand, anything is possible.

Seven Steps – It's interesting that you mentioned your family. We all know your brother and sister, but from our research, no one has ever seen your parents. Isn’t it odd that we couldn’t find a single person who has met the parents of a sixteen year old boy?

Jake – Not really. You see, when you’re wealthy, like my family is, you have to travel. Build business connections. My parents are euntrepenuers. They don’t have time to stick around and host tea parties. They are out there in the world making money.

Seven Steps – Do you care to reveal your parent's names?

Jake – Sure. Mr. and Mrs. Winstead.

Seven Steps – I meant their first names, Jake. We’ve spoken to the school and found that the records of you and your siblings are all sealed. Can you tell us why?

Jake – Is this an interview about me or my parents?

Seven Steps – Fair enough. Next question. Do you know a girl named Bella French.

Jake – No. Who’s that?

Seven Steps – She’s in your English class.

Jake – No, I've never heard of her. Should I have?

Seven Steps – Not necessarily.

Jake – Wait. Is she that weird chick that sits in the front row and wears the clothes with the holes in them?

Seven Steps – Yes.

Jake – Yeah, I’ve seen her. Weird. Not sure what my brother is thinking about with that one. It’s just weird. Is she homeless or something?

Seven Steps - No, she's not. Last question. Who's your favorite Disney character?

Jake - I've always been partial to Gaston. Dude, he was buff.

Seven Steps – And, on that note, we’re out of time. Join us next time when we interview Jake’s brother, Cole.

Jake – That loser's here too? Did you run out people who actually matter?

Seven Steps - Like I said. Tune in tomorrow for another 1 minutes interview-

Jake - Tell him to sing one of his stupid songs!

Seven Steps - This is Seven Steps saying, take care of yourself and each other.