Thursday, August 24, 2017

YA Contemporary Romance Author A.C Wilson Takes Over Forever Sweet Romance!

YA Contemporary Romance Author A.C 

Wilson Takes Over Forever Sweet Romance!

Author Name: A.C. Wilson

Author Bio:  A Nebraska native, A.C. Wilson now lives in historic Abilene, Kansas with her husband and two boys. Always an avid reader, A.C. first fell in love with historical romances both Regency and Western. The world was a wide open place where adventures could happen even between the pages of a book. Deciding to give the characters in her head some room to breathe, A.C. started typing and hasn't looked back.

Describe your writing style in three words: contemporary, western, romance

Three interesting things about your books in general: The Levi & Taryn Series is set in Nebraska, near my hometown. I wanted to open the beauty of Western Nebraska to readers who had never been there. I wanted to create a group of books that inspired young woman to not depend on their boyfriends/significant others to give them worth. 

What is the very first thing that you remember writing? I used to write poetry, books, and books full. 

What inspires you to write? I wanted to write about the value and loyalty of family. I absolutely feel empowered to share pieces of myself in my work. It is my goal to have a reader put down the book feeling loved and grateful to not be alone in the world.

What is your favorite part about being an author and why? Being an author has allowed me to have a voice that could impact anyone who reads my work. I want to give hope and encouragement to young people in this chaotic world.

What is your least favorite part about being an author and why? Like anything else, putting yourself out into the world opens a person up to criticism. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept another person’s opinion and not take it personally. Despite knowing that we are all human and our characters might not be, there is more positive in being an author than negative.

What is your favorite book that you have written, and why? Choosing a favorite book that I have written is very much like choosing a favorite child. Can it be done? I’m not sure that it is possible. I do cherish my Levi & Taryn Series for the fact that it carries a positive message for young and old alike.

What is it about? The Levi & Taryn Series is a trio of books that tells the story of a young woman trying to find her own way in the world. Taryn is an orphan and living with her aunt in a new town, attending a new school. She only wants to blend in, but someone takes an interest in her. Levi is a young man who has had his head newly turned by the quiet new girl. After that, the books follow Taryn’s poor relationship choices as well as her desperate need to be her own person. She wants to love herself without basing her opinion on her boyfriend’s.

Give us a one paragraph excerpt: 

“I read about your journey to make lives better and dedicating your life to serve the families of the area. T, I was never more proud of you. You are making your dream come true and I finally understand what you meant about trying to be a whole person.” Levi smiled at her, a genuine smile that left her aching to step across the void and hold him. How long had she waited for someone to recognize what she was trying to do? How was it that Levi’s pride could hold so much weight? 

–from Deserving Taryn (Levi & Taryn Series, #3).

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